XBRL Foundation Certificate program

Overview of the XBRL Foundation Certificate program

As XBRL has grown around the world, XBRL international has thought that global common comprehensions and recognitions for XBRL are required. As a result, the XBRL Foundation Certificate program was born.

What is the XBRL Foundation Certificate training?

The XBRL Foundation Certificate training provides e-learning course for people who can not have enough time to study and have difficulties to stay long for learning because of their business or some other reasons.

The contents of these programs are designed for mastering the entire complex concept of XBRL easily. If you learn with XBRL Foundation Certificate training, you can prepare for facilitating smoothly a project required to be introduced XBRL and managed. Attending course will help you learn the architecture of XBRL and key components and master how XBRL are leveraged to improve the precision of business/financial reporting.

What is XBRL Foundation Certificate?

XBRL Foundation Certificate is the basic and first step for professionals engaging in XBRL to learn how to introduce and manage XBRL properly. To obtain the certificate, you need to pass the examination. The examination consists of 40 multiple-choice type of questions within 60min, and more than 27 of 40 questions have to be answered correctly (a percentage of correct answers are 70% or higher) in order to pass the examination.

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