Benefits of Introducing XBRL

It is expected that introducing XBRL into financial information systems enables investors who use financial information, listed companies which create the information, and securities exchanges which receive the information to produce effects as indicated by the following summary.

Users of Financial Information (Investors, Analysts, Information Vendor, etc.)

Using the traditional financial information system, investors and information vendors providing information to the investors spent high costs and long processing time for inputting the provided PDF or HTML format data into the system and confirming the input data. To purchase financial information from information vendors also needs costs for vendor's tasks such as inputting and confirming data.

On the other hand, as the information provided in XBRL format contains numerical values of financial information which have tags that systems can recognize automatically, manual operation to input information is not required and users can import the XBRL format financial information efficiently, analyze and process the data without delay. It is now expected that the usage of financial information will be extremely flexible because the tag information attached in the file provided in XBRL format contains reference information translated into English such as label informations and accounting standards. Therefore, publishing financial information in multiple languages, presenting fundamental accounting standards, and exchanging the currencies automatically will be realized.

Creators of Financial Information (Listed Companies, etc.)

Listed companies are required to create and edit financial statements that meet the format specified by agencies or the user's situation. In the situation that XBRL is adopted to the agencies and users systems, if listed companies' systems can adopt XBRL and create financial statements automatically, paperwork burdens required in generating reports are expected to be reduced in these companies. Actually, as for the financial statements for summaries of accounts and securities reports, XBRL format has already been introduced as submitting file formats. Furthermore, entire format of financial statements including notes will be unified into XBRL format after 2014.

As stated above, the benefit of financial information created in XBRL format that the information is highly reusable compared with the financial information in PDF or HTML formats makes it more valuable as disclosed information, and thus, XBRL will improve the value-making function of a securities market as expected by listed companies.

Recipients of Financial Information (securities exchanges, regulators)

It is expected that the financial information provided in XBRL format is imported into recipient's systems automatically, and system can execute automatic confirmation process of financial information including checking conformity of each item of accounts. As a result, enabling to make more detailed business analyses as well as to acquire more accurate and reliable financial information than ever, it is also expected to make contribution to the development of works of inspection.