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Message from Chairman

XBRL was developed in 1998 by Charles Hoffman, a Certified Public Accountant from Tacoma, Washington, and has been recognized as a language that promotes usefulness of financial report especially in terms of comparability from the developing time, and some activities have been introduced mostly in the US. As a series of activities, XBRL International was established as an organization being the center of the other activities conducted by every country and region. XBRL Japan is one of the organizations established in 2001, and have been conducting lively activities.

We are proud of our great contribution to the realization of using XBRL for the preparation of financial statements (B/S, P/L, cash flow statement, etc.) disclosed electronically by the Financial Service Agency system called EDINET. In addition, it is our pleasure that our activities also promoted and contributed to the realization of adopting XBRL in the system e-Tax of the National Tax Administration Agent and TDnet of stock exchanges. Japan is esteemed by other countries as an advanced country in terms of XBRL adoption due to these successful cases, but we still need promotions and activities for further utilization of XBRL, working on emerging issues with our experiences through these achievements.

As a result of the XBRL adoption, now we have plenty of financial data that are very useful to each system. Above all, EDINET has been accumulating financial data of listed companies using XBRL for 5 years, and from 2014, all disclosed documents for financial statements need to use XBRL. Considering the accumulation of data using XBRL and development of its area, now it's time for utilizing the data created by XBRL other than just reporting it.

We will shift our activities to solve the emerging issues related to the utilization of financial information using XBRL. The emerging issues are extension of new adoption area and improvement of XBRL comprehension.  The new adoption area includes: earnings report using XBRL, offering to utilize IFRS financial statements using XBRL, standardization of detailed data using XBRL GL, using XBRL in other areas other than financial report, utilizing XBRL as Open data, reporting using XBRL in public institutions. As for improvement of XBRL comprehension, not only the new adoption area, but for the existing areas where XBRL is already used in financial information, it is necessary for the person who reports financial statement to understand the features of XBRL and to figure out effective ways to use it.

Since the foundation of XBRL Japan, we had been working on XBRL adoption, and now we started to challenge the emerging issues: extension of new adoption area and improvement of XBRL comprehension. Our activities are improving as we cooperate with related companies and organizations. If you have any interest in working with us, or want to know more about XBRL and its utilization, we are ready to welcome your participation so we can work together.  

Chairman Noriaki Shimazaki