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Benefit of consortium activity

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Dynamism of consortium activity

There is a treatise called "The Cathedral and the Bazaar" (By Eric S. Raymond, 1997). Eric analyzed how Linux was developed, and introduced a new software development method where people gather like a bazaar (market) unlike a temple with centralized power. (For example, if a temple style of development can be assumed as how to create computer programs as if building a temple with stacked bricks, a bazaar style of development is a software development method created and supported by the passion of many programmers who devoted themselves to their own programming techniques.)

The consortium activities are descended from bazaar style activities.

Why people get together at bazaar?  The answer is that there is a place where people can trade their products with each other as well as exchange information. XBRL consortium has both aspects. In XBRL consortium, people who have some relations to financial information get together no matter which styles or category of businesses they belong and consider how they can enhance financial information in faster and more convenient ways.

Needless to say developers of software, also business men, banks, concerned parties and consultants gather in the same place. Every competitor and customer gathers with backgrounds from each expectation, forming a dynamic bazaar where bitter enemies get together.

A consortium is a virtual company.

Inside of the consortium, each working group plays a role of decision making, developing, researching, publishing information, and exchange information frequently as a method of mailing lists as well as regular meetings. In other words, consortium activities represent human networks where wisdoms and wills of people from different companies are united as an organization out of their motivation.

The members assure that the existence of this human network is the most valuable property.

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