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Message from Chairman

First, I would like to thank you for your continued understanding and generous assistance regarding our business activities at XBRL Japan.
This year we will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the founding of our company. The universal nature of XBRL allowed it to be adopted for use in countries around the world immediately following its release. As I am sure you know, in Japan XBRL was utilized almost immediately and has been used for strategies by a range of organizations such as the Financial Services Agency, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the National Tax Agency, the Bank of Japan, and the Ministry of the Environment.
To date, XBRL Japan has worked to expand the scope of our activities in support of our members and those who work with us. Now I have taken on the role of chairman something I feel to be a truly weighty responsibility.
Our mission and action policies are as follows. I will play a leading role in our various activities and would like to humbly ask for your understanding and support going forward.

Improve efficiency in business information disclosure and optimize profit through the use of XBRL as a global disclosure language standard.

1.Work to gain recognition for XBRL
2.Expand the scope of XBRL adoption
3.Analysis and research and development of XBRL adoption operations

We hold particularly high hopes for XBRL-GL. Whereas XBRL focuses on disclosure and analysis as in the past, XBRL-GL is a superb tool that allows XBRL to be used in more practical ways to support the strategies of companies and organizations, and to enhance the productivity of their information.
Furthermore, we should acknowledge the core capabilities of XBRL as a reporting language for disclosure. With regard to ESG (Environmental, social and governance) related investment, which has become a hot topic of late, the ability to process both financial and non-financial information allows general and professional investors to leverage XBRL in unified reports that serve as a vital source of information.
I sincerely hope that XBRL, which has the ability to function as a common global disclosure language standard, will be used by various organizations such as non-profit foundations, local government, public offices, and business in general for official reports and as a source of information.
It is my belief that these goals will soon be realized.
“XBRL—for All Disclosure Documents”  

Kyosuke Wagai, Chairman, XBRL Japan