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XBRL Japan has been working for enlightenment and education of XBRL through various activities since it was established in April 2001. Notable topics of XBRL Japan since establishment are as follows:

April 2001: An initial organizational meeting of XBRL Japan
XBRL Japan was established With 3 organizations and 7 corporations as incorporators and 9 organizations as official members. The first chairman was Mr. Kiyosi Arai, CPA and at the time chairman of IT Committee of The Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA).
July 2001: The 1st XBRL Japan Symposium (memorial symposium of establishment)
Aug. 2001: The 1st XBRL Japan Technical Seminar
Nov. 2002: The 6th XBRL International Conference held in Tokyo with 270 participants
Feb. 2004: The 8th XBRL Japan Symposium
July 2005: XBRL 2.1 Specification designed for Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS)
‘JIS X 7206:2005 eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL) 2.1’
Nov. 2005: The 12th XBRL International Conference held in Tokyo with 421 participants
July 2006: The 9th XBRL Japan Symposium
Sep. 2006: XBRL Seminar in Osaka
Mar. 2007: The 10th XBRL Japan Symposium
May 2007: Mr. Yuzo Takagi, CPA and Managing Director of JICPA (at the time) became the second chairman of XBRL Japan
Mar. 2009: The 11th XBRL Japan Symposium
Mar. 2010: The 1st XBRL Asia Workshop
Mar. 2010: The 12th XBRL Japan Symposium
May 2010: Reorganized as a general incorporated association for nonprofit purpose.
(An initial organizational meeting of a general incorporated association XBRL Japan Inc.)
Mar. 2011: The 13th XBRL Japan Symposium
Nov. 2011: Support to the international workshop program ‘the utilization of XBRL in unified
corporate reports’ in ‘Intellectual Property Week 2011’
Mar. 2012: XBRL Japan Day
Nov. 2012: XBRL Japan Day
Oct. 2013: The 13th XBRL Japan Symposium
Jun. 2014: Mr. Noriaki Shimazaki, the former vice-president of Sumitomo Corporation and the former trustee of IFRS Foundation, became the third chairman of XBRL Japan.
Jun. 2017: Mr. Kyosuke Wagai, CPA and Managing Director of JICPA (at the time) became the 4th chairman of XBRL Japan.