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NTT Data: Zaimon e-Tax data receiving service

Zaimon e-Tax data receiving service’ is an ASP service for tax payers (both companies and individuals) to send their data submitted to e-Tax system forward to a designated financial institution through their own website or their accountants’ website.
This service makes it easier for companies to send their financial data by forwarding the same data as the one submitted to e-Tax by manipulating easily on their website. On the other hand, financial institutions can get reliable information and directly make use of them for screening of borrowers.
By utilizing the characteristics of XBRL in e-Tax data, the transmitted e-Tax data can be converted easily and accurately to items of accounting and can be supplied to each financial institution according to the specifications of its own analyzing system.
The system was initially introduced by Mitsui Sumitomo Banking Corporation and at the end of 2008, it is also introduced by Mizuho Bank, Saitama Risona Bank, and Ashikaga Bank.

<The case of sending data by an accountant on behalf of a tax payer>

Electronic data which a tax accountant sent to e-Tax can be transmitted to financial institutions safely and surely.

Reliable data can be sent because the system retrieves and sends data directly from a message box of e-Tax.

Anyone can use this system for free without installing a program as long as a PC is connected to the internet.