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Case Study in Japan

Wacoal Corp.’s Wide-use journalizing system based on XBRL (functioning for the whole company from April 2003)

Wacoal Corp introduced an XBRL wide-use journalizing system with the help of Hitachi and Hitachi Solutions, which integrates various systems used by groups in the company and new structured accounting system. Wide-use journalizing system is an automated system of transmitting accounting and financial information between different business systems with the help of XBRL GL as an interface.

Before the introduction of this system, the company had developed and used various business and accounting systems in various departments, such as buying system, selling system, payroll processing system and so on. That means the data needed manual re-entry when the data was passed by other sections and there were risks of making mistakes. More than 50 business systems were in operation in the company and among group companies.

Wacoal restructured their accounting system for the purpose of integrating such divided systems and realizing integrated management of accounting and financial information.
As a new accounting system, Wacoal introduced a package of accounting programs offered by Oracle Corporation Japan, and introduced wide-use journalizing system based on XBRL as an interface, which realize an automated transmission of data among various departments. Various items of usual data are unified and data transmissions became easier. Moreover, an XBRL interface makes it easy to connect data among different systems, which will lead to a flexible restructuring and revision of the system in the future.
Wide-use journalizing system based on XBRL can aggregate and integrate all the accounting and financial information of a company’s inner groups by efficient execution of retrieving data of each business system, converting codes, journalizing, calculating consumption tax, and verifying data.