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Cloud-based Integrated Tool for Disclosure Documents

Now X-Smart series not just supports the next-generation EDINET, but also boasts enhanced basic features through implementation of new features based on the feedback from clients. Variation in editions allows enhanced options according to the problems and targets of clients, considering the diversity of disclosure operations of each company. This will make infrastructure-building of financial document disclosure based upon optimal investment plan possible.

  1. Additional mastering of new operations related to XBRL supporting entire documents is hardly needed.
  2. The Excel-like interface and simple operations enables quick acquisition of operation.
  3. Comprehensive management of notes mainly for the items requiring conformance check and the items from duplicate input.
  4. Robust conformance checking feature and its initialization.
  5. Automatic quantitative threshold checking for regulations of financial statements.
  6. Easily linking to numeric string in sentences.
  7. Can be widely used in financial statements and lines of statement of accounts and general shareholders' meeting calls.
  8. Plenty of converting features such as displaying Chinese characters for numbers in a link within sentences and setting of patterns for words before and after, etc.
  9. Documents that seem crucial for auditing, using as internal documents and checking setting can be output into Excel files, not to mention reclassification tables and fluctuations tables.