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Case Study in Japan

Ministry of the Environment

Environmental Information Disclosure Platform


Ministry of the Environment has started construction of information infrastructure for investors to leverage the environment information, based on the Law Concerning the Promotion of Business Activities with Environmental Consideration (enacted in 2005) from 2013 to 2015.
Especially for the base construction project for disclosing environmental information (2015), the viewing and analyzing features and tools to promote communication within their test platform “Environmental Information Disclosure System” were developed. Experiments are being conducted to check the following:

  1. (1)Effectiveness of investment judgment based on companies' registered information
  2. (2)Possibility of XBRL to be utilized in the information distribution path (comparability and prevention of quality degradation)
  3. (3)Effectiveness of registered information comparison tool
  4. (4)4. Effectiveness of tools to promote communication


  1. Application of XBRL to non-financial information promotes rapid comparative analysis and information conversion, and prevents information degradation.
  2. Also, coordination with CDP and GRI and sharing some of format items enable reduction of companies’ inputting workload and ensure comparative possibilities (as for shared question items, the answers to CDP are automatically transmitted to the "Environmental Information Disclosure System").

This project will further develop the “Environmental Information Disclosure System”, leading to fair evaluations of businesses that consider the environment, and thus is expected to promote the construction of social system where funds flow to such businesses.