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Case Study in Japan

TSR’s service of business information based on XBRL named XBIS

Tokyo Shoko Research (TSR) developed XBIS (XBRL-based Business Information Set) by making financial information of companies in XBRL. XBIS is a business information product to support applications handling XBRL data. XBIS was originally developed for demonstration experiment Phase2, to structure a common base of credit information among different information services supported by Center for Research in Advanced Financial Technology in Tokyo Institute of Technology in 2003.
XBIS classifies corporate information items into the following three categories:

Entity Information (EI)
Financial Information (FI)
Financial Ratio (FR)

By this grouping of information items, users can retrieve their necessary information and use it.

Figure 1 Applications and XBIS

XBIS data are compiled by retrieving financial information from more than 2 million companies’ data stored in TSR’s database.