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Benefit of consortium activity

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Globalization of myself

The second key motivation is that XBRL is global activities.

In XBRL, there are organizations for promoting XBRL like XBRL Japan in each country, and international conferences is taken place twice a year for sharing the progress of activities and best practices.

You will realize and feel all about XBRL if you join the conference. Because there are brothers, including the originators, who have the same problems and can share their consortium spirits each other. You gather and feel and talk. At the moment, you can realize that your partners are from everywhere around the world.

The information and advanced cases you acquired there will empower your activities in Japan, and the human network will foster the sales network of your products in the meanwhile. (here are voices of participants)

"I gave my presentation to global companies about how a international conference took place after going back to Japan. I could not imagine myself to give such a presentation because I was making activities only in Japan at that time."

"After joining the conference, I have got many orders from foreign countries for my XBRL products."

As you can see, XBRL consortium is like a virtual global company.

While making XBRL activities in Japan, you will get accustomed to global business practices and processes of decision making naturally. And soon, you will see. "Globalization may occur when I think and take actions from global points of view not when someone achieve for it."

To join in the global consortium means opening yourself to the global world in the shortest way. Furthermore, a curious sense of solidarity arises among Japanese. "We want to achieve more than other countries."
Even someone who have taken no notice for national flag will begin to rave about "What XBRL in Japan ought to be" as if they took part in Olympic Games.

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