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Benefit of consortium activity

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Desires to work for people and world

There may be times that you want get back to the balance of your mind, finding yourself stacked with works and having a lot of troublesome things about daily achievements in company or living up to the company's expectations.

Joining in consortium activities is a really enjoyable activity mixed with volunteer and business well. Sometimes you have a business talk with customers, who are members of consortium, then soon you can discuss about the future of Japan with rivals and how you should ensure the competitiveness in the world.

The consortium activities offer the "place" where we can acquire lots of satisfactions as businessmen and Japanese at the same time. It will give us comfortable impulse such as "I wanna work for people, for the world, not only for company." and fill up the desire of revolution calling for "Changes to Japan!", while contributing to the improvement of our companies, it adjust the balance of each person and bring back peaceful mind to ourselves. (Although someone might happen to worry that "where should I belong to...")

XBRL is sometimes said to be the most successful activity among the standardization activities.

Why XBRL can get such praise?

Factors of the success would be various kinds of motivation supplied by people gathering beyond their national boundaries and out of a single industrial community.

And probably every participant in XBRL activities would work for the same reason:

"Just for Fun"

This is exactly the same answer Linus Benedict Torvalds, the developer of Linux, gave when asked for the reason why he involved himself in the project.

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